UPDATED: Basic Brushes for Procreate

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UPDATED: I removed the dodge and burn brushes as I feel the overlay does a better job when set to black and white, and I’ve updated the settings to remove the dirty colour mixing while painting that sometimes happens in Procreate 5. This doesn’t fully fix the issue for the smudge tool, but it’s definitely better.

These 6 brushes are what I use to create the foundation of my art in Procreate. My other brushes available on Gumroad are a quick and easy way to add details and final touches.

Try them out and adjust the opacity and size to find what’s right for you. As these brushes are just modified Procreate preset brushes I’m providing them for free so that anyone can use them.

These are created to be used in Procreate on iOS

Free for commercial use.

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My 6 basic rendering brushes - Best used in conjunction with my other brushes on Gumroad

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UPDATED: Basic Brushes for Procreate

130 ratings
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